About Advika Home Tutor

We provide expert home tutors for State board, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, ISC schools, all subjects, all classes as well as trainers for computer, yoga, dance & other activities in your city.

Advika Home Tutor (AHT), founded in 2013, is a community of Teachers, Students, & Parents where you can find best private tutor for your child and work as tuition teacher on part-time. We have 1400+ experienced and qualified tutors in your city. Home Tutoring is the best way to increase the knowledge & personality of your child. There is nothing more effective or efficient than being taught one-to-one by a talented and knowledgeable teacher. Unfortunately even the best class room teachers and lecture hall professors can't calibrate their lessons to give you the attention you deserve, But we can!

Our home tutors can help lay a strong foundation for your child’s brilliant future. With our home tutorial service, you have the advantage of one-on-one tutoring at the convenience of your home and time. Home tuitions are no longer a luxury. We bring you home tuitions with the best tutors in the city at an affordable price.

Why Advika Home Tutor Service?

When there are so many private coaching centers and home tuitions mushrooming across the city, why should one go for Advika Home Tutor Services? There are multiple reasons, some are listed below:


First We collect requirements from student. Then we match the professional and qualified tutor nearby to student.


We don't force to hire any tutor. No restriction to hire. Student can select best tutor that fits to their needs.


Our team provide instant support for any query. We have higly professional team for customer care support.

Best Service

We are fully committed to provide the best service for our customers.
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Tuition By Our Most Qualified Home Tutors

Advika Home Tutor (AHT) has the reputation of thoroughly screening the teachers who are selected to train your ward. Thorough background check is done by trained personals, and only the best ones are handpicked for your wards. Our mission at Advika Home Tutor is to get you that particular tutor that possess the above named qualities.

A professional, qualified, trust worthy, and well-trained home tutor will help your kid to maximize his/her potential and stay intellectually ahead of their classmates.